Why AAC TechConnect?

We are your source for toolkits, online resources, and workshops that simplify the augmentative communication evaluation process. Industry expert Debby McBride helps people improve evaluations by choosing the right AAC apps and the most appropriate AAC devices. We make it our business to keep up with the latest speech generating device, mobile communication apps, and more.

Think of AAC TechConnect as your expert adviser, helping you:

  • Sort through and select the most appropriate augmentative communication devices and AAC apps
  • Use tools to simplify every AAC evaluation, from simple to complex
  • Evaluate augmentative alternative communication technology to meet complex communication needs such as autism, ALS, developmental delay, stroke, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, and more.

What’s Happening?

AAC TechConnect has a featured article written by Mary Ann Abbott and Debby McBride in the ASHA Perspectives Sig 12 newsletter (June 2014). Her article, AAC Decision-Making and Mobile Technology: Points to Ponder. For more assistance with your AAC evaluation, look for our ACES Module forms that can be downloaded under FREE RESOURCES/TOOL; Forms / Templates.

Don’t miss out on all the events in the augmentative communication world. Here you can get the latest on augmentative communication workshops, AAC events, and more. Learn more about our workshops; Evaluating for AAC Apps & Devices: Tools & Resources, with a new emphasis on inclusion of mobile technology in the decision-making process (i.e. iPads, apps, etc.).  If you are interested in hosting one of these, then please contact us.  The need for continuing education on this topic was highlighted in a recent survey of 550+ SLPs completed by ATIA  (for a copy of this survey, click here).


What’s New?

Our FREE TOOLS & RESOURCES pages always keeps you up-to-date on AAC resources. Look for forms/templates/AAC Evaluation Resources both from AAC TechConnect and others. Contact augmentative communication device manufacturers, learn about speech generating devices, compare alternative communication devices, and keep up with the new AAC Apps.

Preview the AAC & Device Apps Assistant  – the only online clinical tool that sorts through the “quality” AAC Apps available today!  Save valuable hours of your time – and preview it for FREE for 24 hours.  Get 30 extra days by giving us feedback by offering comments in our Apps section.    You can also preview our Device Assistant for AAC devices.



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